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Computer Repair House Calls in Sarasota

As a very busy mom in Gillespie park with a lot on your plate, you have no time to fix your cracked laptop screen. Maybe you run a design company at S Washington Boulevard and need urgent computer repair house calls in Sarasota. Perhaps, you're a stressed-out dad in Central Cocoanut. No matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, turn to us, and we'll be there to make sure your computer behaves itself!

Whether you're a parent, employee, gamer, or run a business of any size, our computer repair house calls are ideal for you. Think of us as your IT department, without the additional space, time, and cost of running one! With LoriTech, you get all the perks of having an experienced technical team - the experience, the expertise, the quick service - without all the drawbacks!

Full-Service Computer Repair
House Calls

We offer a full range of computer repair services. Whether your PC is dead or you need a screen replacement, we got you covered! Some of what we can do and fix are: 

  • Microchips repair

  • Screen repair and replacement 

  • Motherboard component replacement 

  • Charging port and power connection issues 

  • Adapter connection 

  • All kinds of repairs to your PC, computer, Mac, Desktop, and laptop.

On-Time Home Support

For your computer repair house calls in Sarasota, our team is always on time. We know how crucial your laptop, Mac, or PC is to you, which is why we don't let any issues you might have with them interfere with your work or other activities at home. No matter where you are in Sarasota, Fl, you can count on us to be there right on time.

Fast Repairs

With computer repairs done by our in-house experts, you know you're getting fast services. Our technicians know Windows and Macs like the back of their hands and will quickly resolve the issue. They are also cool, friendly, and take the time to explain everything to you in plain English. They come in, diagnose the problem, fix it, and leave without leaving coffee cups and stains all over your home.


Fair Prices

With our computer repair house calls, you can rest assured that you won't pay for services you don't get. We don't lowball you by giving you a low estimate and getting more back in hidden charges and overpriced parts.


At LoriTech, our services are very flexible too. You can book our computer repair house calls in Sarasota as a one-off. You can also have us come in monthly or quarterly for in-home and on-site repair and maintenance. And you can always switch to the other and cancel a contract at any time. With us, it's full flexibility.

Safe, Secure In-House Repair

When you contact us for your computer repair, we understand that you're trusting us with your personal and business data. Whether it's the website you visit, your shopping list, your yet-to-be-launched product, or your clients' details, we believe your data is yours and should be for your eyes only. We have been in the business since 1999 and know what it means to respect and protect your data. You have our word, and you'll have our signature on the dotted line.

Busy, Too Tired, or Prefer the Convenience?

Need to complete that project before the deadline? Too tired to visit a computer repair store? With our computer repair house calls in Sarasota, you have nothing to worry about. Just call us at 941-929-9095 for a booking, and our technicians will be there on time, diagnose the problem, fix it, and be gone before you know it!

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