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Specialized Computer Repair

At LoriTech Computer Repair, we serve Sarasota, FL, with high-quality tech repair services. When your computer is not working as it should, turn to our experienced professionals to determine the issue's source and promptly provide a solution. Whether you use your computer heavily for work, creative endeavors, or entertainment, we work to ensure it runs at top performance. Our computer repair services include:

  • Specialized machinery to complete microchip repairs

  • Screen repair and replacement on laptops, iPads, iPhones, cellphones, and tablets

  • Replace motherboard components

  • Adapter connections

  • Charging ports and power connections

  • Repairs to all types of computers, desktop, laptop, Macs, and PCs

We are here to provide Sarasota Apple repair and PC repair services for a wide range of issues and can do so promptly. Look to our experienced computer techs for all of your questions and concerns.

Computer Repair Service in Sarasota Florida
Sarasota Laptop Screen Repair

Revive Your Old Laptop

Is your laptop dead but you don't have the money to replace it with a new one? Don't worry because, at LoriTech Computer Repair, we'll get it up and running again! Squeeze more life from your computer with superior repair services from our local and family-owned business.

We use specific technology to repair chips on motherboards. Call us today at 941-929-9095 to set up an appointment for all your computer problems. LoriTech is the #1 name in Sarasota screen repair. We are here to help with all your computer repair needs, so call us whenever you need our help.

PC & Laptop Repair FAQ

  • How long will my computer take to fix?
    Most repairs take 2-3 days to complete. The exact length of time depends on the nature of the problem. If a replacement part needs to be ordered, that can add to the time it takes. We use only the highest quality replacement parts, so sometimes they are not readily available, such as for older computers.
  • Should I just buy a new computer?
    When we inspect your PC or laptop, we will offer our expert advice on whether it would be better to repair the device or to replace it entirely. If the repairs are too expensive, we can help you upgrade to a new system and transfer over your data if possible.
  • How did my computer get a virus?
    There are countless new viruses and malware released everyday, and hackers are inventing new ones all the time. The most common ways to get infected are to download files from untrustworthy sites, clicking on malicious links, or opening affected email attachments. Sometimes you did nothing wrong but the virus/malware took advantage of a vulnerability in some installed software or OS.
  • What's the best way to prevent my computer from getting infected?
    You can protect your computer by: Running reliable antivirus/antimalware protection Running as a standard user and not as an administrator Using before a software and hardware firewall Keeping your system and all your software updated Never clicking on links in emails unless you absolutely trust the origin (which can be spoofed!) Ultimately, it comes down to being an informed internet user and being aware of the dangers of installing unverified software, visiting questionable sites, opening unexpected attachments, and spotting attempts to trick you into installing or opening the wrong thing.
  • My computer has slowed down a lot. How can I speed it back up?
    Everyone has the experience of being amazed at how fast a new computer is only to be frustrated with its unbearable slowness later on. What cause this slow down? One factor is that newer software and websites are more demanding to run, making older computers struggle to run them. We may also use even newer systems and go back to ours and no longer feel it's fast enough. Way you can improve your system's performance: Clear temporary files and caches Uninstall unused programs Disable unnecessary background processes Keep your OS and software up to date
  • I need to buy a new computer. What do you recommend?
    The PC and laptop market is always changing, so there is no simple single answer, but we're happy to discuss your needs and budget to help you find the right computer. We can build you a custom PC, or find you a deal on a new or used system.
  • How can I back up my PC?
    Between cloud storage and afforable external drives, backing up data has never been easier. To best answer this question, you should talk to one of our technicians who can find a solution that best fits your needs.
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