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Computer Store Serving Sarasota, FL

If you need a reliable computer store for your computer repair needs, look to LoriTech Computer Repair. LoriTech Computer Repair is owned and operated by Lori Landis and has been in business since 1999. If your computer or computers are having issues, our staff can help determine the problem and find a solution. We have experience resolving a wide range of issues and can make the process convenient and seamless. 

Often, computers can have certain issues that can prevent you from going about your work. Our staff is committed to finding the root of the issue so you can ensure your computer is secure and performing at an optimum level. Our expert technicians can handle the task efficiently, from charging ports to motherboard components, screen repair, microchip repairs, and more. Whether your issues are big or small, we can provide prompt service. 


If your computer needs repairs and you're unsure where to start, we can assist you. We understand how overwhelming it can be to try to resolve computer issues on your own. We are here to make it easy When your computer is not working as it should, turn to our experienced professionals to determine the issue's source and promptly provide a solution. Whether you use your computer heavily for work, creative endeavors, or entertainment, we work to ensure it runs at top performance. 

Our services include:

  • Specialized machinery to complete microchip repairs

  • Screen repair and replacement on laptops, iPads, iPhones, and tablets

  • Replace motherboard components

  • Adapter connections

  • Charging ports and power connections

  • Repairs to all types of computers, desktop and laptop, Mac and PC

We are here to provide repair services for a wide range of issues and can do so promptly. Look to our experienced technicians for all of your questions and concerns regarding your computer. Contact LoriTech Computer Repair in Sarasota, FL, for more information on our computer repair services! 

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