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Importance of Computer Security
Threat Protection

In today's world, we've become reliant on technology devices, including computers and smartphones. Thanks to these devices, banking, shopping, investing, communicating, learning, watching entertainment programs, and everyday activities are fast and easy. No doubt, they've become part of our lives.

While this advancement has largely been beneficial to corporate organizations and individuals, there have been negative consequences.

Billions of dollars are lost to online theft every year. Cyberbullying and sexual exploitation of children are at an all-time high. Criminals are also devising new ways to exploit your computer's security.

What can we do?

We could dump all our computers into the oceans and go back to living in the stone age, or we can constantly be aware of online threats and protect our devices at all times.

Here are some of the importance of computer security threat protection.

Data Theft

Criminal use spyware to steal sensitive data, including credit card information, bank account details, trade secret, SSN.

Spyware, ransomware, and phishing are also extensively used in Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams to wire large amounts of money from corporate organizations' accounts.

Installing anti-spyware software and using other computer security programs and techniques can prevent the stealing of sensitive information.

Malware & Virus

Computer security threat protection also helps keep viruses and malware away from your computer. Once they get into your computer through your activities on the internet, Viruses and malware can corrupt your data and files.

They can also delete computer files and destroy your hard disks. Viruses and malware often exploit email programs to spread from one computer to another.

However, you can keep viruses and malware at bay using computer security threat protection techniques such as strong anti-virus software.

Also, always ensure your computer's security software is up to date. You should also visit only secured sites and avoid clicking suspicious email links.

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Rising CyberCrime

All over the world, including in the United States, cybercrime is a huge threat. And with advancements in technology and an increase in the number of networked devices, no one is left out. Businesses and individuals can be victims.

Cybercrime isn't limited to stealing bank account information. Online child sexual exploitation, bullying, harassment, etc., are all cybercrimes.

Criminals can also get access to your computer to steal bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Computer security can protect you from most of these cybercrimes.

Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized access to your computer can come in various forms. Hackers can gain control of your computer. A colleague or friend can also access your computer or phone when you step outside for some minutes without protecting your device.

Always make sure to password-protect your device when you're leaving your devices unattended to even for a few minutes.

For protection from online authorized access, installing a firewall blocks any unauthorized persons from accessing your device.

At Loritech, we offer digital security services for businesses and individuals in and around Sarasota, ensuring your devices are safe and secure from all kinds of online threats. Talk to us, and let's protect you today.

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