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5 Quick Ways to Rejuvenate Your Old Laptop

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Many people favor laptops for their portability.

If you spend a lot of time on the move, a sleek laptop you can quickly launch and work with from the comfort of your room is a convenient option.

Whether you prefer the trusty desktop sitting on your office desk or a laptop, maintenance is vital if you want to extract maximum utility.

An old laptop isn’t necessarily a useless one. And, given the variety of upgrade options available, you’re spoilt for choice as regards coaxing out some extra power from it. And here’s how to go about it:

1. Upgrade the storage

A computer's memory and storage are everything, and outdated or clogged memory space will hamper its speed and overall efficiency. You’re advised to upgrade the built-in storage disc to something more high-tech- a solid-state drive (SSD).

Solid-state drives differ from the traditional hard-disc drives (HDD) in that they have no movable parts and are thus faster and less likely to crash. This means speedier bootup times and increased speed.

Coupled with an enhanced RAM, you can transform your old, slow laptop into a functioning, speedy computing monster.

Like drives, onboard RAM can also be upgraded. By doubling or even tripling the RAM space on your system, you’ll be able to multitask better and maximize the processor’s power speed.

2. Update the drivers

A computer driver is a small program that enables interaction between computer hardware or software components and the OS (operating system), functioning as a translator, interpreting hardware or software functionality.

All computers have several drivers installed that need regular updating to stay efficient. An old laptop may have outdated drivers, rendering specific system capabilities inefficient. For example, your printer, and Bluetooth drivers must be regularly updated to work well.

Additionally, updating your driver is an excellent way to overcome any system glitches or bugs plaguing your old computer, guaranteeing extra speed and better security.

3. Install an antivirus

Your old laptop seems redundant because it’s crumbling under the weight of malware, bugs, and other viruses.

Viruses are notorious for weakening the computing ability of laptops. The worst part is that you may never know whether you have one infesting your system because many of them work behind the shadows, unknown to you, to compromise the device.

By installing a legitimate antivirus solution, you can do a comprehensive scan to eliminate these viruses wherever they may be and once again extract productivity from your old laptop.

4. Update the OS

Whether you’re using a Windows or Mac device, it’s always advisable to use the latest OS versions available.

Older laptops typically run outdated OS versions, which generally impact speed and security. Ensure to upgrade it, and you’ll find your aging laptop a more fun and workable device than it formerly was.

5. Uninstall redundant programs

If you think that your old laptop isn’t very functional anymore, perhaps you should have a rethink. Uninstalling old applications refreshes things and is guaranteed to free up some space, thus optimizing system speed.

You can contact the computer specialists at Loritech to help you effect these solutions and more on your device.

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