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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Laptop Battery

Like many other computer parts, the battery will eventually need a replacement. However, the precise period that your laptop battery will become unsuitable for use depends on the quality, among other reasons.

Whether yours is a mid-range or flagship laptop, here are the signs that indicate that you need to replace the laptop battery:

1. Power drains faster than it once did

New batteries and batteries that work optimally often take only a couple of hours, or in some cases, minutes, to charge up fully. Depending on their capacity, such batteries take at least twice the same period of constant use before being drained again.

If your laptop can’t hold a charge for as long as it once did, it’s a sign that you must replace it. 

2. Charging takes longer than usual

Healthy laptop batteries tend to take a period to charge fully. However, as the health decreases, you may find that the laptop takes longer than usual to charge. Such instances are a sign that you need to replace your battery.

3. Sudden shutdowns

Throughout its lifecycle, your laptop may shut down for different reasons. If it continues to do so unabatedly, first, scan for viruses with antivirus software.

If, after the scan, the issue persists, it’s most likely a sign that your laptop battery can no longer power the rigors of computing and needs a replacement.

4. Battery diagnostic errors

Windows and macOS laptops usually alert you when your battery health is deficient. With Windows devices, you may get a notification when booting the system. macOS devices show you your battery’s condition so you can act accordingly. You will see the “Replace Soon” message if it needs a replacement.

5. Overheating

When your laptop battery approaches the end of its life, its cells tend to generate more heat. If this is the case, assess the backup the battery is offering. If the backup is inadequate, you’ll have to visit a computer repair shop like Loritech to get a reliable replacement.

6. Visible damage to the battery

If you’ve been using your laptop for a long time, you can expect the battery life to deteriorate slowly over time. When this happens, the laptop battery can begin to swell, affecting its powering capacity and negatively affecting the performance of its other components.

If you open up your laptop and realize that the battery is slightly swollen, it’s a sure sign that you need to get a new one.

7. Age

Laptop batteries are only built to last 2-3 years, so if yours has exceeded this period, it’s well past time to replace it.

Even if your battery has attained this age and is somehow working optimally, it’s still advisable to replace it to keep it from negatively affecting your laptop’s other internal components.

Get quality computer repair services

Your laptop’s battery is an essential component of the device, as it’s responsible for holding all the power that comes in when you charge- the power that’s essential to every computing operation.

Any disruption to the power source, including instances of a faulty battery, should be treated with urgency. Contact us today to get your laptop diagnosed and fixed. 

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