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Hire Someone to Set Up New Computer and Data Transfer

With digital innovation coming in leaps and bounds over the past few decades, data has become even more important than before.

The most powerful devices can compute huge reserves of data and information per second. Today, two operating systems dominate the market for commercial computers: Windows and MacOS. Both are excellent choices, with high-end devices capable of storing and processing vast amounts of data.

However, upgrades are a necessity. Every few years, there's a new version of MacOS and Windows, forcing existing users to switch or deal with a plethora of system bugs.

Hardware upgrades are necessary, too. After a few years, processors become inadequate enough to cope with the rigors of next-gen software and computer processes.

The solution? Changing your device.

After upgrading your device, you're faced with the daunting task of transferring all the files on the former device into the new.

Here are some reasons why you should hire someone to help you set up your new computer and do data transfers:

OS Upgrades

If you buy a new device that's running an old version of Windows, for instance, you'll need to upgrade it to Windows 11.

Not everyone has the technical know-how to carry out the installation without damaging something important. Even worse, you can be misled into downloading malware masquerading as the real deal.

To avoid complications, it's best to have it done by an expert.

Successful data transfer

Older computers run on regular HDD. The hard drives have movable components and are highly susceptible to crashing.

If not well handled, you can lose several gigabytes worth of data when transferring to your new device.

Next-gen devices usually run on SSD storage, which is more stable. Transferring data from on drive to another is a highly delicate task that's best done by professionals.

Remote access

You might not know this, but many computer operations can be done remotely from another device.

An expert can help you set up your new device remotely. This is highly convenient and time saving.

Key app installations

In the excitement of getting a new device, you might forget to carry out the installation of some key apps.

While a new PC usually comes with some basic programs, it's not enough to get anything done.

An expert can recommend the most useful apps to boost your productivity.

In addition, an expert can help you carry out these installations seamlessly, with the least of them not being an AntiVirus solution.

It's never too early to have one installed on your PC!

Data backup

While a data transfer is obligatory, you still run the risk of losing it all if done wrongly. To avoid hitches and touching after-stories, you should have a qualified expert carry out a comprehensive data backup first.

You can choose to have your data backed up on another hard device. However, nothing beats cloud storage.

However, not everyone knows the specifics of how these things work. So, you should contact the experts at LoriTech for comprehensive solutions.

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