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Hire Someone to Set Up Your New Computer

You probably decided to get a new computer because your old one was outdated and couldn’t perform the processor-heavy functions that you use it for. Or, you procured a new computer simply because you got tired of the old one and wanted to upgrade to something newer.

Whatever your motivation, it’s essential to get your new computer set up correctly. Read on to learn about what’s involved and why you need to hire a professional to help you out. A professional will:

Ensure that the device is all juiced up

Charging your new device for 24 hours is essential to help prolong its lifespan. You'll damage the computer if you rush to launch it and drain the battery.

Identifying the physical ports

It probably has more than six ports depending on how sophisticated your device is. The most recognisable ones are the charging and USB ports.

Depending on the type of devices you want to connect to your new computer, you’ll have to identify the ethernet, modem, VGA, S-Video, parallel, games and DVI ports (in addition to the different audio jacks), all of which have various functions.

Security and antivirus setup

Most computers come with a built-in system defense system, such as the Microsoft Windows Defender. However, you might want to tweak the settings to your tastes to allow and limit access to specific tools and functions.

Additionally, built-in security systems aren’t usually as efficient as dedicated antivirus tools. You want to ensure that your device is protected from malware and other viruses perpetually with an up-to-date firewall.

OS Upgrade

Not all new devices come with the latest OS updates. An OS update is essential to make your computer compatible with new, innovative applications and tools. Additionally, OS updates come with bug and security fixes for the benefit of your computer.

Software Installation

Your new computer will typically come with scant few pre-installed software, save for the native system apps. A professional can help you seamlessly install essential software like third-party browsers, productivity and media tools.

Some of the most popular software include Microsoft Office Suite, VLC Media Player, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Remove bloatware

You might not know it, but a new computer can contain lots of useless files and programs, generally known as bloatware. These preinstalled files are straight from the factory and consume valuable space on your device.

A professional can help you to identify these files and free up space on your computer by eliminating them.

Backup and transfer your files

If you have an old laptop, transferring everything over to your new device can be a chore. A professional can help you with that and provide solutions to back up important files and apps onto your computer’s hard drive or over the cloud.

Call us now to have our professionals help you set up your new computer.

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