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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Computer

From work productivity and collaborations to entertainment, computers are indispensable in a world where digital communications are so crucial.

As they perform so many functions, you may often experience a lag in their overall capacity. When allowed to accumulate unattended to, such technical issues can shorten your device’s lifespan, needing you to shell out money for a new PC.

However, this isn’t necessary. You can derive maximum value from your computer by taking steps to extend its lifespan thus:

Keep the battery from overcharging

The ideal way to charge a PC battery is to let it charge to 80% and then allow it to drain to 40%. This way, each of the battery cells is charged to voltage level. Overcharging forces the cells to store more voltage, subsequently putting them under stress.

This stress results in fewer discharge cycles, which drains the battery’s lifespan. Keeping to the ideal charging formula can prolong the battery lifespan up to four times.

Install an antivirus solution

More often than not, your laptop may become more inefficient over time due to an infestation of viruses and malware that attach themselves to various components of the OS.

The resulting condition is often so bad that you must consider getting a new computer. However, you can tackle this issue by installing an antivirus solution. An antivirus tool has deep cleaning capacities that can help eliminate viruses and fix bad computer programs, speeding up the system and making it run optimally.

Restart your device regularly

This is one of the most surprising yet easiest tips for prolonging your device’s lifespan. Restarting the PC at least once a week allows you to deal with many computer issues, including errors, free-ups, and slow performances.

Delete redundant files and computer programs

Your PC can be likened to a large bag made of sturdy material. The more things you store in it, the greater the strain on the bag. If you keep stuffing things into it without a care for its limits, you may strain the seams and have the bag burst eventually, necessitating a replacement.

This is what happens when you store redundant files, media and computer programs on your device for too long. To avoid this, carry out regular system cleanups to free up space and help the RAM function optimally.

Update the OS

Your computer’s operating system is what powers all the software applications on your device. Operating systems also come with regular over-the-air updates. When initiated, the updates preserve the integrity of your software and increase the device’s overall performance and security.

Without regular updates, your PC will gradually slow down, with the out-date-software unable to keep up with various elements of the ever-evolving technological landscape. So, the next time you receive a notification that an update is ready, don’t ignore it. You can also contact a computer expert to help install the latest OS updates for your PC.

Have a professional optimize your PC

A computer isn’t simply a functional device. It also represents a considerable investment. Deriving maximum value from this investment implies that you should carry out regular maintenance.

There’s no better way to maintain your computer than to have an expert optimize its software and hardware components as needed. Call us today to keep your computer running at optimal efficiency.

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