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Mac vs Windows - Tips for Deciding What Is Best for You

The mac vs windows debate is age-long and is unlikely to end any time soon. The competition is fierce, making it confusing for users to choose between a Mac and a Windows PC.

If you're buying a new computer and wondering, "which is best for me between a Mac and a Windows," you need not worry.

This post examines factors to look at before making a decision. Let's dive straight in.


Apple has an unrivaled reputation for creating cooler and trendier computers than Microsoft, with an attention to detail and precision that any Windows computer can't match.

That's probably because a single company doesn't make Windows computers, making them lack the design cohesion synonymous with Macs.


A comparison of Macs and Windows with similar features shows that Macs cost significantly more than Windows.

This may be down to the fact that Microsoft sources their hardware from third-party manufacturers, which helps to increase competition and drive down costs.


The general belief is that most viruses are created for PCs and won't affect a mac, making windows more susceptible to attacks.

While this may be true at a time, the growing popularity of Macs has attracted hackers' attention, making it less safe than it was.

Moreover, newer versions of Windows have improved firewall programs, enabling you to enjoy enhanced security.

In the end, both are at risk of getting hacked. Whether one is safer than the other depends on how you can navigate the internet, the anti-virus program you use, and other factors.


While the number of software that can work on Mac has grown over the years, it's clear that Windows still has bigger control of the software market.

There's a large number of software for Windows that don't have a Mac version.

This is mainly because developers are likely to create software for Windows because of the vast user base. If access to software is a big deal for you, Windows is a no-brainer.


Windows currently control the lion's share of the OS market. Hence, game developers are more likely to build games for Windows.

Moreover, Windows has more powerful graphic cards that can be upgraded to the latest version, enabling it to meet the gaming demands of users.


If you encounter an issue with your computer, you'll need technical support, which Apple can offer more readily than Microsoft.

This is because Apple builds and designs their computers and will be able to help if you run into a problem.On the other hand, if you're using an Acer or an HP PC, you may have peculiar issues that Microsoft support staff may be unable to resolve.

However, there are specialized local computer repair shops that can fix a variety of computer problems.


Because Apple manufactures their computers, it's more difficult to source replacement parts, making it more expensive to repair a Mac than a Windows PC, which has more readily available parts.

Macs also require more expertise, which isn't easy to find except at Apple stores. However, a few local shops have the expertise to handle a Mac repair.


There's really no contest here. Windows gives you more options when it comes to configuring your PC to your taste.

You can upgrade your system's memory, graphic cards and storage, which is difficult or impossible with Macs.


If you prefer a high-end machine that looks good and do not mind spending a bit more, Macs are a great option.

If you want something you can easily upgrade, repair, that's great for gaming, with more software options, without spending an arm and a leg, go for a Windows computer.

Ultimately, when choosing between a Mac and a Windows, what matters most is what you need it for. So list out the features that are most important to you and buy what works for you.

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