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Top Signs Your Computer May Have Been Hacked

With cyber threats a reality today, ensuring your device remains free of remote, malicious control is essential. Too often, hackers gain entry into the devices of unsuspecting victims using several techniques, including remotely installing malware.

While the demerits of such hacks have been well documented, it’s even more important to know if and when you’ve been hacked. Here are some tell-tale signs:

You get a ransomware message

One of the worst messages you can get is when you experience a screen takeover with a message telling you that all your data has been encrypted and you must pay to access it.

A ransomware hack is one of the toughest to recover from, with most victims eventually paying the ransom. Billions of dollars have been lost to scammers in high-profile ransomware hacks, with productivity lost as well. Such financial losses damage businesses significantly, and many never recover from it.

You get a fake antivirus message

If you get a popup message on your computer pretending to be an antivirus solution scanning your computer and finding multiple malware infections, one of two things is involved. One could be that the device is not compromised beyond the popup message. In this instance, all you need to do is ignore the message.

However, more often than not, this is a sign that you have already been hacked. These fake antivirus messages usually contain malware that locks up your browser, so you can’t ignore the message without restarting your device.

You have strange browser toolbars

This is often a common sign that your computer has been hacked. Here, you’ll notice multiple toolbars with names that indicate their usefulness and functionality. You may have been hacked if you notice strange toolbars on your browser or don’t recognize them as having come from a well-known vendor.

Unauthorized emails sent from your account

One of the main goals of scammers is to infect as many devices as possible. To do this, they often take control of email services and apps and use them to send malware-infected email messages to many people in the hacked address book.

This is often one of the most serious signs that you’ve been hacked- hearing from colleagues and friends that they’ve received spam emails from you.

Your online password isn’t working

One of the surest signs that your computer has been hacked is when your online passwords aren’t working. Passwords are usually saved on your browsers and are accessible anytime you’re online.

They can be compromised by a direct hack on your computer or as part of a larger security breach with third-party providers. Whenever you’re trying to log in to your favorite productivity apps or websites and cannot, it’s almost always a sign that you’ve been hacked.

Don’t wait to get hacked before protecting your computer

The worst part of computer hacks is that you often never know when you’ve been hacked, and the damage will run deep when it comes to your notice. You should never wait to be hacked before getting a solution. You’ll lose sensitive documents, funds, and other crucial data. Reach out to us today to secure your device.

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