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Why It Is Worth Having a Professional Tune Up Your Laptop/Computer

Is your computer recently struggling to perform basic tasks such as loading a website? Maybe you've noticed that it isn't running as well as it should. We know how frustrating it can be. When these malfunctions occur, it shows that your computer needs to be tuned up.

While there is a load of information on how to improve your computer's performance on the internet, DIY information is not entirely reliable and does not compare to what professionals with skills and several years of experience possess. Here's why you should hire a professional to tune up your computer.

Experience and expertise

Even if you have information at your disposal, you lack the training and experience professionals have. They are experts and thus best-placed to fix laptop issues. Rather than waste time and effort troubleshooting and fixing issues on your own, why not employ the services of a professional to give your computer a tune-up?

Optimized system performance

With the right software tools and experience, a professional can help ensure your system performs optimally by making apps close and open speedily, speeding up startup and shutdown times, optimizing the speed of the device's computing operations, etc. This tune-up will significantly improve your productivity.


If you want to tweak your system for specific purposes, a computer repair professional can greatly help. Some of these customization operations include freeing up RAM space, configuring settings, and disabling memory-consuming functions.


With a professional on hand to tune up your system when you need it, you can save costs in the long run by getting the most out of your device rather than replacing it at the sign of malfunction.

Preventive maintenance

A professional can help you perform preventive maintenance to ensure that specific issues don't reoccur and perform a diagnosis to ensure your device works optimally. For instance, a computer freezing or lagging might result from increased temperatures in internal components.

Also, the older your PC gets, the hotter it tends to run. However, brand-new systems might heat up when the processor is overwhelmed by memory-intensive operations. A technical professional can help you check for the source of the overheating and take active steps to restore the system to its normal working temperatures.


A professional can help you ensure that your system runs the latest cybersecurity software and that all necessary firewalls are in place. This will help rid your device of existing threats and protect against the incursion of future ones.

How can a professional tune up your laptop/computer?

Here at LoriTech, we can help improve the performance of your laptop by:

  • Scanning for and removing viruses

  • Cleaning up temporary files

  • Performing disk optimization

  • Updating Operating System

  • Checking the temperature of internal components

  • Scanning and removing unnecessary programs

  • Updating browsers

  • Installing security updates

  • And many more!

Do you need the service of a professional to tune up your computer? Contact LoriTech Computer Repair for all things relating to computer repairs and tune-ups. Our team of professionals is well-experienced and always available to cater to your needs.

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