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Sarasota Computer Store

Your laptop's battery doesn't charge properly, and the screen has just gone blank.

Your tablet's screen is cracked. Your PC is dead, and you don't think it can come up again.

Maybe you just purchased some home devices and need help setting them up. That's all?

As a one-stop Sarasota computer store, we do all that and more!

Laptop, iPhone, iPad, and Tablet Repair

LoriTech is a Sarasota computer store offering specialized iPhone, iPad, tablet, and computer repair services.

Our repair services are fast and hassle-free, ensuring you not only get back a working device but also have complete peace of mind that you got the best repair service you can hope for. 

When you get to our Sarasota computer store, a customer support staff takes down the challenge you're facing with your device. They'll transfer you to the right professional who'll diagnose the actual issue and quickly provide a solution.

Whether it's a motherboard problem, faulty microchip, a broken iPad or iPhone screen, or an issue with the charging port, we have experienced technicians and specialized tools to fix it!

We can also bring your laptop back from the dead, so you won't have to spend on a new laptop!

Repairing your device yourself and need the parts? We can get high-quality parts for your computer, laptop, and other devices. We also supply new and used computers and laptops, printers, Macs, monitors and so on!

Whatever problem you have with your laptop ends here at the Sarasota computer store!

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The Sarasota Computer Store -
In Your Home

Too busy to visit our office? No worries, we'll come to you! Need home networking, computer set up service, or have a faulty computer? We'll be there before you know it!

LoriTech's in-home service ensures that you can get professional computer services in the comfort of your home. It's simply having our Sarasota computer store in your home. Well, literally.

Same professional service. Same friendly and experienced technicians. Same fast service. And same affordable pricing!

PC Protection & Product Sales

Now you have a working PC. Great! But you need to protect it, too, because unscrupulous elements can steal your private information on the internet.

A virus can also corrupt or wipe off all the files on your hard disk. Save yourself these hassles by getting our PC protection services today.

We can back up your data, find and remove viruses, upgrade hardware, and do a lot of other stuff too. We are the good guys!

We Are Different

Since 1999, LoriTech has been providing exceptional computer repair and product sales for businesses and individuals.

As a Sarasota computer store serving Sarasota and surrounding areas, our quality is not in question as we use standard replaceable parts for every device.

We strive to maintain a long-term relationship with every one of our clients, ensuring that we do a top job every time.

At our Sarasota computer store, you can expect to pay the best prices for a quality service done in record time.

Because we know how vital your computer is to you, we make sure to repair it as quickly as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the repair service. That ensures you leave here with a successfully repaired device and complete peace of mind.

Get in touch today!

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